Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Among the bevy of bountiful delights sent to me from darkest Michigan a couple of months ago was a beckoning bottle of RED TULIP ALE from the NEW HOLLAND BREWING corporation of Holland, MI. If I haven’t said it enough, let it be said once more: Michigan is a craft beer beacon of light, with some of the country’s finest brewers competing for shelf space – Dark Horse, Founder’s, Great Lakes, Bell’s and others. Ring up another one for the “show me” state, home of the Buckeyes! NEW HOLLAND have put together a very interesting amber ale here. Rather than a thin-bodied refresher, you’ve got a fairly dark and deep amber going on here, with tastes of darker fruits to match – plums, prunes, that sort of thing. It’s a cloudy pour, and it tastes a bit on the more dry side, but you won’t mind. A hoppy effervescence adds some points of well, and I like how they’re experimenting just a wee bit with the burgeoning American Amber-slash-red ale form. I’m giving it a 7/10 with all the due respect it deserves.


Anonymous said...

Great Lakes is from Cleveland!

Jay said...

Yeah? So? Isn't that in Michigan?

KevBrews said...

"Home of the Buckeyes!"

I'm surprised you haven't gotten any hate mail for that one (not from me, though--Go Bucks!)