Monday, July 09, 2007


Those cats over at STONE sure know how to wrap their marketing tentacles around the beer dork world. I seriously believed that the hops from STONE RUINATION were going to leave my tongue on fire and bristling with bitterness. Well, their labels actually tell tales of this sort, “you’re not worthy” and whatnot. I don’t buy it – they’re just another top-notch brewer among several, albeit one with some high highs (STONE IPA) and some low lows (OAKED ARROGANT BASTARD). I was scratching my head wondering why I’d never had a RUINATION, their Double IPA, and then all of a sudden a good friend poured half of the pint he’d ordered into my empty and lonely glass. What a great fella! Well, if it’s that firebreathing, mouth-destroying feeling you’re looking for, I’d recommend DRAKE’S HOP SALAD over this one. I will still heartily recommend RUINATION, though – and yeah, it’s pretty damn hoppy. The big surprise was how that wasn't the full story. Thick, chewy, piney taste to it, very delicious and perhaps not as citrus-packed as some other IPAs from down San Diego way are, like BALLAST POINT’s or ALESMITH’s. Very clean and fresh, and very good. I need a whole 22-ouncer to myself to really contemplate this fine beer, but for now, let’s go with 7.5/10, with a repeat engagement definitely in the cards.

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Steve said...

I think this was originally one of the biggest hop bombs you could find. I think that's how it developed it's reputation. But you're right, compared to a lot of other stuff now, it's nothing special as far as hoppiness goes. You got DIPA's out like Hop Salad (haven't had it but sounds like a massive hop bomb), Hopsickle, and thick syrupy ingredient-packed DIPA's like Dorado DIPA, Elder, and Younger. Ruination isn't above and beyond all that anymore, and I think to enjoy it you gotta remember that. After really exploring IPA's and DIPA's in the last half year, I've realized that Ruination is a very nicely crafted DIPA. Not too thick and sweet, but with a good amount of hops and of course the bit of sweetness needed for it to be a DIPA. Stone has that certain reputation and I think people try to carry it over into every beer... maybe it holds true for Arrogant Bastard, Oaked AB, but the IPA, Pale Ale, and Ruination are all hopped to pretty significant yet not over the top levels for their style, I think they are just well crafted tasty beers, where that Arrogant Bastard marketing type reputation doesn't apply.

You still gave it a pretty good score, I think maybe with Stone beers people expect something superhuman due to their advertising /marketing. Maybe it's hurting them in a way?