Thursday, July 19, 2007


If you’re looking for a killer drink-three-and-keep-your-wits sort of session ale this weekend, I suggest you let your eye travel beyond that bottle of BLUEBIRD BITTER from the UK’s CONISTON BREWING. This English bitter is now imported into the US and comes in a cool jug-like bottle (ain’t it cool?), and I’d heard some good things about it. Color me disappointed a bit after the quaffing, however. I found a distinct lack of flavor in its folds, only a grassy-ish, chalky taste and perhaps a little more hoppiness than I’d expected. But not enough to think about having another anytime soon. When I reach for a lower-ABV beer (this one’s a mere 4.2%), I’m looking for something more classic and maybe floral/aromatic, the way the English pale ales or some UK bitters taste – especially when you’re over there. That’s just me – I’m certainly not opposed to English beer (hello, Old Speckled Hen and Ringwood Old Thumper!) Bluebird Bitter had everything going for it outside of the beer itself, so that’s why I’m going with a 5.5/10.

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Scuba Steve said...

Sounds like you drank this ale too cold. Your description is classic. I to thought the same until I tried it at the suggested serving temperature of the high 50's and found it to be a fantastic ale. Best bottled Bitter I have yet to find in the U.S.