Friday, July 27, 2007


According to my Site Meter at the bottom of this page, this site averages roughly 70 “unique visitors” per day. I’m going to assume that about 4 or 5 of you live in the city of San Francisco. This is for you. CITY BEER STORE have a few pretty goshdarn special bottles of beer on the shelves right now – I know because I just returned from there. Fancy some RUSSIAN RIVER DAMNATION, BATCH 23? (this is an oaked version of the incredible Damnation ale). There’s a bunch there, and I even hear they’re all sold out at the brewery itself. What about LOST ABBEY DEVOTION ALE? Cases and cases of it await you, along with PORT BREWING OLD VISCOSITY and LOST ABBEY RED BARN ALE & AVANT GARDE. Wow. Get on your high horse and head on out there, Folsom between 7th & 8th streets.

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mumbly said...

Thank you for watching out for us. And at some point, we should meet at City Beer instead of on the internets. But until then, picked up some 23 at City Beer (as well as Toronado (which by the way is celebrating 20 years soon with some special beers from Russian River)).

And yes, a great place. Great people, great beer.