Monday, July 02, 2007


I’ve been looking for a Belgian or Belgian-styled beer that could approach the yeasty, almost fluffy effervescence of Russian River Brewing’s DAMNATION, and I think I’ve found it in this outstanding beer from Quebec’s UNIBROUE called LA FIN DU MONDE. Sure, it’s old news to a lot of ya – I know that. Because I personally still have this backlog of untasted single bottles at home, I haven’t followed through on my goal to buy 1 bottle of each UNIBROUE product & try to conquer what I continually read is one of the finest breweries on earth. Eagle-eyed readers may recall that we were fortunate enough to enjoy a big bottle of their EAU BENITE last November, and rated it a big 8/10. I can’t pick up a beer rag or read a beer blog without some pontificating pundit raving about the brewery’s wares. Anyway, I got a jump start when I found this beer being served at an excellent San Francisco Moroccan place called ZIRYAB, which has a Belgian and Belgian-style beer selection of about two dozen.

LA FIN DU MONDE has a bright, wake-you-up aroma of candied fruit and muted alcohol, and the taste of citrus fruits and above all, yeast. It is extremely enjoyable to get down. Its long and easy finish gives you plenty of time to taste what you’re drinking, and from the word go you know you’re drinking an exceptional, high-craft beer. It’s 9% ABV but as we say when beers are this great: you won’t notice nor care. The good news is that it’s distributed all over the United States in addition to Canada, and I believe they even go to Europe as well. I’m going with 9/10, and can’t wait to get to know more UNIBROUE products this summer.


tedo said...

I love this beer as well. I've had it a few times at my local water hole and its a great one.

Matt Navarre said...

LA Fin Du Monde is also one of my favorites. Great beer, goes with damn near anything. Another great beer from Unibroue is Terrible, a dark strong belgian. Pair it with prime rib and all the trimmings. It's just ...awesome. Malty, rasosty, rummy & yeasty with some cherry and raisin notes. Awesome. Try it and you'll see what I mean about the prime rib. This beer damn near screams for it.