Tuesday, July 03, 2007


One of the drivers that led me to create this site in the first place was an innate need to remember all the great beer I was drinking by name. By assigning a “rating” on a 10-scale (here’s where the HBJ scale is explained), I’d be better able to categorize beer styles and winning breweries, thereby helping me as a consumer and perhaps even help you as a casual reader. These ratings, in order to be easily referenced, would have to be centralized in a single place, I reckoned, and I had the foresight to start throwing them into an MS-Word document from day one.

Today I’m proud and a little embarrassed to announce the unveiling of nearly 17 months’ worth of drinking and dorkitude. You may now view and even download the list I’ve compiled. Perhaps your first reaction is to call the mobile AA unit to an intervention at my house. Let me say in my defense that for these past 17 months, I’ve tried only to drink beers that I’ve never had before, a task that, while slightly more difficult than it was last year, seems never to lack possibilities. I assure you that outside of a tiny handful of joie de vivre-fueled drinking events, all of which I’ve chronicled in detail here, here and here, I’ve not exceeded three adult beverages on any given night. I can only hope that this list, painstakingly compiled in alphabetical order, is what you take with you to the specialty beer emporium this weekend. I have laid myself bare, and I hope that I have not done so in vain.

Download the Hedonist Beer Jive Ratings Bible


Jonathan said...

An impressive list! I noticed there's only one Terrapin beer and no beer's from Sweetwater (Georgia's most well-known microbrewery). While I can attest that none of their beers are spectacular, I'd be more than happy to send you a few. You could at least grow your list... Let me know.

Kyle said...

I'll go you one further in dorkitude. This list needs to be in excel, for better sorting capabilities. I'll be copying it into a spreadsheet later today. Just think, one day, you may need a database program to hold it as it will have too many rows to fit in a spreadsheet or word doc. Perhaps that's just wishful thinking on my part.