Friday, July 06, 2007


Not sure how it happened, but bang-bang-bang, the last three new beers to my lips were all IPAs, and hopefully I’m not giving away too much by telling you they were all pretty much great. Let’s talk about ‘em. The first new one was ordered just 4 fun because I’d never had it – it’s from a hitherto-unknown brewery called KERN RIVER BREWING, located in Kernville, CA (I looked it up – that’s down near Bakersfield way in California), and it’s called JUST OUTSTANDING IPA. Now how about that for a little braggin’? Well they’ve got the brewing chops to back up that claim, let me tell you. JUST OUTSTANDING IPA is an excellent tongue-tingler, as most excellent IPAs are. This one starts out smooth and cirtrus-tanged on the tongue, and once it goes down, whammo – the side of your tongue is buzzing with hops. It’s not overpowering in that sense, which is nice, because it saves its outstanding-ness for the flavor, which is moderately dry, tangy-rather-than-fruity, and fairly well-carbonated. I really, really liked it – a terrific way to get introduced to a new brewery. 8/10 for sure, and I’ll be looking to try the other three in their lineup posthaste.

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Kyle said...

Thanks for the great review!! Im glad that you enjoyed our IPA. I am Co-Owner and Brewer at Kern River Brewing Co. Did you try this at the Toronado? Im going to be sending 2 more kegs up next week. So look for it to go on tap within the next few week. Also I have enjoyed reading your other posts, very informative. Cheers