Friday, March 23, 2007


Like any true dork worth his (and it’s always his) salt, I keep a tally of the ratings I’ve applied to various beers I’ve tried, just so I can make ridiculous lists like the HEDONIST BEER JIVE 25, and also so I can remember what to recommend to others and even what to buy. Call it a quirk, call it inane, even call it sexy if you want, but that’s just me. Sometimes I even drink certain beers a second time, get a little more wise about ‘em, and then revise my rating. In the interest of keeping you informed and in staying honest, here’s a few examples of that:

MOONLIGHT REALITY CZECK – Up to 10/10 from 9.5/10. I mean, if you drink a pilsner that’s so amazing it blows away every preconceived notion you had about what the style was capable of, shouldn’t that at least merit the full monty? I think so.

DESCHUTES BLACK BUTTE PORTER – Down to 8/10 from 10/10. My memories of drinking this weekly in the 90s clouded my judgment of this still-excellent beer.

LOST ABBEY LOST AND FOUND ALE – Up to 8.5/10 from 7.5/10. See yesterday’s review.

MOONLIGHT DEATH & TAXES – Down to 8/10 from 9/10. My most recent one was great, not off-the-charts great.

NEW BELGIUM 1554 BLACK ALE – Down to 7/10 from 8.5/10. Ironically I enjoyed this in a 2006 bottle far more than I did on tap in 2007. Still good though.

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