Friday, March 09, 2007


Jeez, I think I've now had at least one beer from each of the official signed-sealed "Trappist" monastic brewers of Belgium, now that I've conquered my first bottle of ORVAL. (I guess that's not really true, since the WESTVLETEREN can't be found in the US). It had been said to me that I'd probably like Orval the least of the trappists, but I don't know - it was pretty solid & then some. As you see from this picture, it's an deep copper/orange color with a smell to match - wow, that smell is something else. Sometimes a beer this rich & complex might only taste that way, but this one smells it as well. Very "floral", very dry, and I think it's hopped a lot stronger than others from across the pond as well. I took it down a notch because there were some bittering agents in there that didn't wear well over the 20 minutes or so I was "exploring" it; in fact I went from rabid enthusiasm to general satisfaction over the course of a glass about the size of the one you see here. Believe it or not, these guys make this beer and this beer only, and have been doing so for about 80 years. Something's working well over there in Belgium. I'll give 'em a 7/10.

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luKe said...

ORVAL is the only beer that gives me most often the "angels pissing on my tongue" feeling. Fortunately, I live in Belgium and every decent place sells this amazing trappist beer. Like my favourite music, films and books, it is beyond description, a definite mindblower.