Monday, March 26, 2007


I may be an outlier here in terms of my enthusiasm for this one, but this is flat-out one of the single best American “Belgian-style” beers I’ve ever had. I’ve got this pal Holly who’s been telling me about the TRIPEL DIPSEA for well over a year, well she went & ponied up and got me a couple bottles of this limited-run seasonal when it popped up, just so I could see what all the (her) fuss was about. Wow! We executed a complex fridge-to-fridge-to-fridge transaction that got the 22oz. bottles safely home to my house, whereupon I commenced with the enjoyment of one. This is really quite a beer, the best I’ve had in months. The MARIN BREWING TRIPEL DIPSEA (2007 edition- the one pictured here is the 2006) is a deep, glowing orange ale with a fantastic yeasty taste redolent of the best & sweetest Belgian ales you can imagine. Deep within the liquid contours of this one is candied orange flavor, along with a tangy malt taste and various spices that almost make this close to a holiday beer, but lighter in color and body. I kept drinking this with my critical thnking cap on & couldn’t believe how great it was – but then, these Marin cats are part of the same family as MOYLAN’S, and make some pretty impressive beers themselves, so I shouldn’t be at all surprised. Best news of all is these just hit the market, so they ought to be around for another couple months. Do it! Do it now! 9.5/10!

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Bartzilla said...

Nice! Glad you enjoyed the ale. You may wish to note that the beer in the photo isn't the actual beer you drank but rather a photo you used from my Flickr album. If you insist on using my photos, that's fine. Just give some credit or a link or whatnot.

Then again, perhaps you have the same counter top and, as fate would have it, poured the same exact glasses of beer. In which case I'll eat my hat.