Thursday, July 06, 2006


Did he just say “Second Best Black Ale of the Year”? Whoa. That said, I have only one other data point in 2006 to compare this outstanding beer to – the Russian River Brewing Company’s REJECTION Belgian-Style black ale, which was an off-the-charts incredible 9/10 when I “rated” it, yet this offering from the New Belgium Brewing Company really hit the spot on Monday evening and is easily in the same league. I know that some of you highfalutin beer drinkers won’t lower yourselves to sample a product from said brewery because of the immense (and well-deserved) popularity of their signature FAT TIRE ale, but if I blindfolded you & forced this 1554 BRUSSELS-STYLE BLACK ALE down your throat while lying that it was from the Osprey Springs Brewing Company in Ketchikan, Alaska, I can bet you’d be pretty goddamn impressed, as I was. It has a fantastic toffee/chocolate aftertaste and a bitter but creamy “foretaste” – if there is such a thing – and that’s a great combination if you ask me. I like how dry it was and how easy it was to drink despite that. I can imaging getting a whole 6-pack of this & not getting tired of it, the way I do most sixers. I can only imagine how good this is on tap; in fact the only thing keeping me from placing this in the hallowed company of the Rejection beer from Russian River is that I had the former in a bottle and the latter from a tap. I hope this one catches on to taphandles the world over, so you can all complain about another outstanding “corporate” New Belgium beer. 8.5/10.


Anonymous said...

Fuck New Belguim.

gsdgsd13 said...

New Belgium is "corporate" now? Tough crowd.

The 1554 is excellent -- it's been about two years since I've had it. I'm still looking forward to trying that "Loft" you recommended. Unfortunately I haven't been back to Colorado in months, and NB still haven't found it in their hearts to bring stuff as far east as Atlanta.

tedo said...

I always find it interesting when talking about New Belgium, as their 'Number 1' beer is probably my least favorite. I have had the opportunity to visit the brewery twice, and its a really incredible place as they practice environmentally friendly processes. If you like their 1554, try their Abbey Ale, a nice take on a Belgium Abbey brew.

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate Fat Tire, as long as it makes New Belgium enough cash to keep brewing all their other beers, I'm all for it. I regularly anticipate their seasonal offerings (I don't even mind their wheat beer that didn't pass the test here). Their Christmas beer last year was great (though I could only find it on draft at the Toronado - not in bottles). The New Belgium hatred (hey, that's a nice phrase!) is totally off the mark in my opinion. Hey Jay, if you've never been to the Belmont Station beer shop in Portland, I just went & there's a CRAZY Belgian selection there. Lots of stuff I've never seen before.