Tuesday, May 12, 2009


“What’s up with all the Midwest beers, Jay?”, I’m absolutely certain you’ve been asking yourself. What’s up is me drinking through this gonzo order I placed with ARCHER LIQUORS for a dozen or so Midwest beers. You get the benefit of hearing what’s going on ale-wise up there, and I get the benefit of trying so many good ones. Speaking of, how about this CANE AND EBEL from Chicago’s TWO BROTHERS BREWING? They call this a “hoppy red rye ale” made with “Thai palm sugar” (that must be the "cane" - the "Ebel" is the last name of the fraternal brewers behind this one). As if I’d taste the difference between Thai palm sugar and any other kind of sugar. This is indeed a hoppy amber ale that tastes of rye – and so much more to boot. I found it very, uh, “tangy”, with a deep caramel, red/amber malty-centric taste. Medium carbonation, and a nice “tingling” sensation with every gulp. And yep, yep, that’s definitely rye I’m tasting. In all, these guys just continue to impress, and I’ve yet to bring a beer of their to my lips that’s not way above average. 7.5/10.

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