Friday, May 29, 2009


I've sung the praises of DARK HORSE BREWING in these digital pages before - namely I've been singing about TRES BLUEBERRY STOUT and PERKULATOR COFFEE DOPPLEBOCK. You can look 'em up by clicking on the links. Said songs will not be sung about their TOO CREAM STOUT, a fairly straighforward milk/cream stout that I drank yesterday eve. TOO, despite being an innocuous, medium-bodied, decent stout, does almost nothing to distinguish itself from other such beers, including the more widely-produced beers of Ireland and England. Not an especially "sweet" beer, despite appearances and descriptions - I actually found it to be a bit more bitter than I'd expected or wanted. It does have that roasted malt backbone and the aroma and feel of melted chocolate - but again, so do a lot of beers of this ilk. These guys are on to a winning thing with the Tres Blueberry Stout; that's the one to pull for when you're placing your Dark Horse bets. 6/10.

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