Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I just had my fourth beer from Belgium’s BRASSERIE DUPONT empire – MOINETTE BLONDE this time – and checking the Hedonist Beer Jive ratings board, I’ve found that I’ve never found one of them to fall short:

FORET – 7.5/10
BIERE DE MIEL – 8.5/10

What’s more, and I wanna check with you guys on this one, I think that every one of these beers starts with the same basic recipe, and then branches off ever-so-slightly into something of its own. My overriding thought while I was enjoying this glass of MOINETTE BLONDE the other night (and to be sure, I was enjoying it) was, wow, this tastes just like Saison Dupont, which tastes very much like Biere De Miel, etc. It’s probably a pretty special trait to have, this consistency. To be able to make beers of such high quality that in some unique way announce that “this is a Dupont beer” – well, that’s what winemakers are always trying for, isn’t it? Can you think of a comparable brewer that stamps his/her own signature this well on any beers he/she makes?

MOINETTE BLOND is a lovely, but somewhat sharp Belgian pale ale – one that has a lot of saison-like characteristics as well. The go-to word is “earthy”, and this beer has it. There are tastes of green apple and honey, as well as some spice, and it’s a very “quaffable” ale. It poured with a big white head, as these beers do, and had a very fruity aroma. These guys apparently don’t know how to make a bad one. 7/10.

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