Monday, May 25, 2009


We had a little "team outing" the other day, you know, recognition of good work during the 9-to-5 & all that. It took place at a waterfront restaurant in San Francisco, which usually conjurs up images from my childhood of awful seafood and oily Italian dishes served up only to tourists or greater-Bay-Area locals who haven't done their homework. Yet I'm pretty sure LA MAR CEBICHURIA PERUANA is making a pretty strong bid to change that perception, because not only was their food totally amazing (get as much raw fish as you can handle - I know I did) - but hey - they had a few bottled beers I'd never had before. That always wins points here at HBJ. Enter the MAREDSOUS 6.

I'd only had MAREDSOUS 8, and wow, that was three years ago. I was so young and stupid then (yet I smartly gave it a 7.5). I like this one just as well - it's a Belgian pale ale, and as such, is pretty straightforward. Very malty, with a lot of sweet, ripe fruits in both the smell and the aftertaste. If I had to throw out a dominant flavor I'd go with apple, maybe even the slightest bit of honey - but not like EPHEMERE, for instance. Effervescent and carbonated, yet dry - and a bit bready as well. I'm sure that sounds like Belgian-by-the-numbers, doesn't it? Well this blonde is what she is and I like her this way. MAREDSOUS 6 = 7/10.

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