Thursday, May 14, 2009


This year’s FULL SAIL SLIPKNOT Imperial IPA gave me nowhere near the “pleasure” that 2007’s did, which I reviewed here. This time it’s a harsh, too-hopped, raw-ass IPA that’s just too much for even this daring IPA swashbuckler to get through. Grapefruit’s just loaded into this thing, so it coats the tongue with dry, bitter, intense flavor. It seems to lack all juiciness and/or pine tastes. Almost like the “original recipe” craft brewer, part of the great second wave of 80s/90s microbrewers, decided that it needed to one-up the upstarts and show them how it’s done old school style, and in the process got too carried away with trying to be cool. Sort of like me trying to breakdance & pop-lock in 2009, just because I used to own Sugar Hill Gang and Kurtis Blow records long before hip-hop took off. No one wants to see that. 5/10.

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