Sunday, July 26, 2009


The other night HBJ was on yet another business trip to Atlanta, necessitating (of course) yet another trip to the BRICK STORE PUB in Decatur for "refueling". Except this time I was feeling neither that adventerous nor extreme. I just wanted a beer for crissakes. I'd witnessed only hours beforehand, in person no less, the crushing pain of watching my beloved San Francisco Giants take it on the chin to the Braves at Turner Field. It was our third wretched loss in a row to these Southern charlatans, and I needed simple, easy, delicious comfort.

SAISON AVRIL was just the comfort I needed. This wonderful saison from the legendary BRASSERIE DUPONT family is the lowest-alcohol beer I've ever enjoyed this much - a mere 3.5%. Sure, it's thinner than the other saisons in its family tree - FORET, MOINETTE BLONDE, SAISON DUPONT, etc. - and even a little chalky-dry. But man, once I warmed up to it the delicious taste of this one shined through like a searing Pablo Sandoval line drive through Chipper Jones' legs. I felt like drinking five of them, and you know, I probably could have. Crisp, grassy, and with light fruits in the distant background. There's an herbal, almost lemon-like backbone. For a "Biere de Table" this is pretty complex & interesting. Table beer!! I could get used to that concept. 8/10.


dave said...

I'll be in the Atlanta area either in Aug or Sep, I'll definately have to check out the Brick Store Pub!

And I'll keep an eye out for Saison Avril, around here or when I get there.

don said...

Thanks for the write up. We could not agree more. We are linked to your site and our updating site will go live in a week or two. all the best - wendy littlefield & don feinberg (vanberg & dewulf)