Wednesday, July 08, 2009


This one was "as advertised" and then some. Call me a curmudgeonly skeptic in the face of incredible beers like SIERRA NEVADA CELEBRATION and others, but somehow the release of a new beer from Sierra Nevada Brewing just doesn't do much to move me into action. It's certainly due to the ubiquity of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in Northern California, where HBJ's coming to you live from. That was one of the first 2 or 3 craft ales I ever had, and frankly I'm more than tired of it. How unfair, hunh? When the reviews started coming in on this one with big raving superlatives attached to them, I figured I needed to get involved with it.

SIERRA NEVADA SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE HARVEST is a "fresh hop" IPA, and man, do you ever taste it. It's got a "leafy" taste straight off the bat, and it's a real good 'un, these leaves. Hoppy and fresh through and through, with a raging foam head. It was actually quite a bit stronger than I'd planned for - a real hop-lover's beer, but not a bitter mouth-killer. It's grassy and a little dry, and damn it's good. We think you'd be well-advised to pick a 22-ouncer up when you finish reading this. 8/10.

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Vince said...

I feel exactly the same way about Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It's all the rave at college parties and with those who don't know real craft beer, but I pretty much hate it. However, I enjoyed Celebration enough and would certainly give this a go.