Tuesday, July 07, 2009


...and into the Hedonist Beer Jive 75. I can't drink enough of these saisons from BRASSERIE DUPONT. No wonder everyone calls their beer the gold standard when it comes to earthy, fruity, incredibly flavor-packed farmhouse ales. I had my second bottle of FORET the other night, and I'm gonna have to up my score from the 7.5 I awarded it the first time to a big 9/10. It's a wonderfully musty, slightly funky and refreshingly tart & smooth saison, absolutely perfect with the fish-n-potato (!!) pizza I was having (don't ask - but if you're ever at Beretta in San Francisco, steer clear of it). No need to go into too much depth here, just wanted to make sure the record was clear that this Belgian masterwerk is quite a sight bit better than my initial positive experience with it indicated. 9/10.

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