Monday, July 13, 2009


Hard not to pass up this Belgian pale ale in the store the other day, which features a wacky “Katzenjammer Kids”-like drawing of some oaf about to drop a barrel on someone’s head. Who said packaging doesn’t help move the product? Anyway, I need a few more drinkable and small 11/12-ounce bottles around the house, rather than the 22-oz. big boys I’ve been pulling out every third night. TARAS BOULBA from Belgium’s BRASSERIE DE LA SENNE fills the bill very nicely. It is a funky, saison-like yeast bomb, with a real high dose of hoppiness to give it an interesting twist. It poured with an enormous head and tasted as fresh as something bottled last night, despite those intense yeasty and funkified flavors (mixed with a touch of citrus). It’s really dry, and made for slow drinking and lasting conversation. For an ale that’s a mere 4.5% in alcohol, these guys crammed in a hell of a lot of beer action. 7/10.

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