Friday, May 02, 2008


Can’t tell you much about either this style nor about SLY FOX BREWING of Pennsylvania, but at times I’ve seen folks talking up the brewery in beer newspapers & I even seem to recall a Hedonist Beer Jive reader making some ultra-positive comments about them in our comments section some time back. That must’ve helped me decide to pull the trigger on their DUNKEL LAGER at THE GATE in Brooklyn, New York last week. It was a fine choice. This lager was smooth and exceptionally dark, devoid of much to set it apart from other easy-drinking beers save for a dinstinct breadiness and certainly a more burnt or “toasted” taste than I’m used to – yet in a manner that was subtle and restrained. It went quick, I’ll tell you that. Someone’s going to have to school me some more about this style and about Sly Fox Brewing in general, but they’re off to a good start up in my head with this one. 7/10.


mrb said...

Stoked to try two entries from Sly Fox's "IPA Project," with single varietal Hops IPAs at The Gate this week.

Anonymous said...

This beer comes in cans too. I had a can on the East Coast a few weeks ago and was impressed. East Coast breweries make some quality lagers. Be cool to see more of that on the West Coast.

jethro bodine said...

sly fox makes about 20 different beers but only bottles(or cans) about 6 styles.i am still working on their cork finished christmas ale. they make a beer called odessey which incorperates about 10 types of hops.and as a plus, their restaurant has some of the best crab cakes i've ever had!