Thursday, May 08, 2008


Had a great beer the other night from the country of Belgium – perhaps you’ve heard they make some fine ales over there. There was this Belgian Christmas ales pack I treated myself to a few months ago, and one that looked particularly tantalizing was this SERAFIJN CHRISTMAS ANGEL from the ACHILLES BREWERY in Itegem, Belgium. You ever been to Itegem before? I understand they make a damn good Christmas tripel there. That’s what this was – a light-colored, spicy, very Christmas-like tripel that warmed the palate and filled the mouth with yeast and carbonation. Fruits were observed during the course of drinking this, banana perhaps, along with a more rich and dark toffee taste that really rang true on a Tuesday night. So far it’s the best thing in that Christmas pack, and here we are in May and I still have one more to go. Serafijn Christmas Angel = 8/10!

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