Monday, May 19, 2008


It was a crisp October day, I remember it ‘twas. A bottle of CAPTAIN LAWRENCE BREWING’s SAINT VINCENT’S DUBBEL blew in from the east Coast and happened to show up at my birthday get-together. It was heartily enjoyed by all comers, and many were heard to reckon that a grog this fine needed to find its way into as many hands as possible. Well, truth be told, the only way to get a bottle of CAPTAIN LAWRENCE ales in the hands of land-lubbers on the West Coast is to jet them out, so that’s what I did. Alas, my suitcase had room only for two big bottles of ale, one being the SOUTHERN TIER HEAVY WEIZEN we discussed last week, the other being a jumbo bottle of CAPTAIN LAWRENCE XTRA GOLD AMERICAN TRIPEL. Avast! An American tripel, ye say? Aye, that I do, that I do.

CAPTAIN LAWRENCE XTRA GOLD AMERICAN TRIPEL features few characteristics one might associate with Americans, I must say. Its fruit-filled smell and ester/yeast mouthfeel are straight out of Belgium 101, with a rich bready taste and a crisp “bite” that really satisfied. It may have a big more hop action going on than a typical Belgian tripel – then again that might’ve been the beer talkin’, you know what I mean? It is a light-bodied golden ale with a nice big “four finger foam” going on, and it packs a real punch without being overpowering. In short, it’s excellent, and that’s a big 2 for 2 from these guys. 8/10.

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