Friday, May 30, 2008


And I’m not kidding, the brewery in Belgium that makes this very interesting concoction is called BROUWERIJ DE MUSKETIERS. They only put forth three beers that I’m aware of, and this is one I’ve seen in better bottle shops and took a flyer on the other night at San Francisco’s CITY BEER (a great store that charges a mere $1 “corkage fee” for any beer bought and consumed in the store, and they’re overflowing with some pretty amazing beers). TROUBADOUR OBSCURA STOUT was served up in a 330ml bottle, and the label gives fair warning that it’s an 8.5% ABV big one. Is it truly a stout, though? I don’t think so – it was squarely in the Belgian dark ale camp, though quite sweet the way some English stouts can be. I recall a distinct eau de bier that smelled additionally of mocha, licorice and other sweet things. It was pretty strong & bold without that whole hardcore coat-the-tongue in alcohol thing going on. Definitely worth grabbing on a bottle run – I pecked the words “very enjoyable” into my cell phone when I rated this one a 7.5/10.

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