Monday, May 05, 2008


I’m reaching back into my notes for this one – it was consumed on one of my business sojourns around the USA, in late March while in Overland Park, Kansas. Who do you think I was visiting out there? That’s right, I was trying out for a slot in the Kansas City Royals’ pitching rotation. Whilst doing so, I bought a bottle of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN IPA from the FORT COLLINS BREWING company to toss back @ the hotel after my workouts. Fort Collins Brewing are the “other guys” in their town, the ones having to compete for hearts & minds with the far bigger NEW BELGIUM BREWING. I know Rick Sellers @ Pacific Brew News has had many a good thing to say about them, and one thing about Rick – he don’t lie. Anyway, this IPA was what we "in the business" call “good enough”. Simple, thin, good aftertaste, and definitely a “single IPA” as opposed to the big-ass ones we often enjoy around here. I’d say it’s a tad more piney than citrus-flavored, and if you told me the English had made it or inspired it, I’d believe you. Of course I’m probably spoiled for IPAs, and even a mediocre IPA beats most comers. Let’s go with 6/10 here.


Chipper (Dave) said...

I work in Fort Collins and enjoy this "smaller" brewery. Fort Collns has so many breweries: Anheiser-Busch, Odells, New Belgium, Coopersmiths, CB Potts, Rock Bottom, etc. If you're ever in Fort Collins you can practically walk between the FCB, Odells, New Belgium and Coopersmiths. They are all within a mile radius of each other. FCB IPA isn't bad. You'd probably like the Major Tom's Pomegranate Wheat as well.

Mattias said...

I hope to enjoy their Double Chocolate Stout on draught over at my local pub when they have started this years summer US-micro draught attack.

I remember that this was our favorite beer when we visited this tiny little brewery last October during the GABF.

Plus we have enjoyed the IPA on both bottle and draught last year. That is quite a achievement for this little brewery to get their beers exported to such remote locations as Sweden is.