Saturday, May 03, 2008


Just a reminder that this year’s edition of the BOONVILLE BEER FEST in Boonville, CA, is rapidly approaching. It’s Saturday, May 10th – and tickets are still available. Despite a nearly-deadly after-event campground craft beer overdose on my part last year, I’ve decided to hit the trail again for the third year in a row and go north to this epic fest. Hey, have you ever heard of Russian River Brewing? They’ll be there. Pizza Port/Lost Abbey? Check. Moonlight? Firestone Walker? See you there, fellas. This is a good time to get your game face on and read my past dispatches from the festival.

Some words of caution: 1.) You honestly don’t need to try every beer being poured, nor can you. 2.) Water is free and in abundance – get yourself some. 3.) Wear sunscreen. 4.) Don’t do like I did and consume the majority of four bombers of high-ABV beer after you’ll tried 13 glasses of beer earlier in the day. Your drive home the next morning may be a little treacherous. 5.) Shaking your rump to the Rolling Boil Blues Band is verboten. You’ll be ejected with extreme prejudice from the fairgrounds by a team of vigilantes if you’re caught.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jay,

I'll be there too. I think Peter from BetterBeerBlog and I are going to try to meet up at some point while we're up there. Any interest in joining us? If yes, drop me an email at and we can work out the details.

See you soon hopefully,