Monday, May 21, 2007


I'll be honest with ya, the one I had on tap last Friday night was simply called - I thought - YOUNG'S CHOCOLATE STOUT, but there's nothing online to confirm that this beer is anything but a "double". So there it is - YOUNG'S DOUBLE CHOCOLATE STOUT from England, easily the best chocolate-tinged beer I've ever had, far excelling over the ROGUE version I taste two weeks ago. This certainly tastes like a double, that's for damn sure. After waiting for a near-eternity for the jet-black head to settle (this is hands down one of the most beautiful-looking "pours" I've ever seen), I brought the thing up for a good glugging, and whammo, chocolate just attacked my nostrils. Not just any chocolate either - fine chocolate. It's a bit more mild in intesity once you start drinking it, which is exactly what I'd want; certainly more of a malty, stout-like beer than it is a sweet chocolate bar in a glass. Medium-bodied, packed with roasted malt, and just a wonderful beer through and through. I've known for a while that this one was a favorite of many, and I'm proud to say it's my entree into the world of YOUNG'S beers. 8.5/10.


Stonch said...

Double Chocolate can really hit the spot. I assume the glass you had was from a keg? They don't see that over here where the stuff is made but apparently it has been sold in casks before.

Here's my review of Young's Ruby Star, the first new beer they've produced since merging with Wells and moving up to Bedford.


KASIMON said...

Hello Jay,

I'm curious, where were you able to find this beer on tap?