Monday, May 28, 2007


Just the way an Elvis collector needs every Japanese and Dutch pressing of the “Are You Lonesome Tonight” 45, or the way a presidential ephemera collector needs each 1960 Nixon/Lodge campaign button, I need to know that I can drink at least one pint of each & every MOONLIGHT BREWING beer while I still walk the planet. I’m almost done. Moonlight, as you may know, are essentially a one-man operation, helmed by one Brian Hunt, who lovingly creates some of the most incredible, flavorful and satisfying beers on god’s green earth. I interview him right here. A few weeks ago I got my first taste of their BOMBAY BY BOAT IPA, and last Thursday I got my second, this time in a nice, tall pint glass. Guess what. It was fantastic.

You might think BOMBAY BY BOAT IPA would be brewed in the “British style”, rather than the souped-up, higher-alcohol West coast style. You’d be half right. It’s bursting with fizzy, tingling hops, but the alcohol is muted to a handle-able 5.9%, and it has a much more crisp, refreshing taste than most California IPAs. I liken it somewhat to the LAGUNITAS IPA, if only that beer was any good. They share some characteristics – subtlety, lightness, and some minor bitterness. (BTW, I think Lagunitas beers are great, just not that flagship IPA). It’s hard not to be wowed by it – it has such a wonderful taste, in a league of its own for sure. I went with 8.5/10, and that’s nothing to laff at. Unfortunately, it’s a tap-only beer, so next time you’re in Berkeley, CA and driving down San Pablo, stop by THE ALBATROSS and have them pull you a pint, why don’t ya?

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thanks for the tip! Sounds awesome. I love one-man indie brewers who kick ass alot.