Friday, May 18, 2007


This was just one of those blind pull-downs from the beer shelf – “Berries? Beer? A bottle? Looks good!”. The DUCASSIS is made in Belgium by a small-ish brewer called BRASSERIE DES GEANTS, who appear to make four other beers as well, and who have only been knocking ‘em out since 2001. Their wares – at least a few of them - are imported into the US by Shelton Brothers, for what it’s worth.

Contrary to my peers over on Beer Advocate, I thought the DUCASSIS was pretty interesting, and a damn good chug. It is a fruit beer for sure – made with blackcurrent berries, and is “top fermented” – though what that means, I am not educated enough to tell you. Upon pouring it, my wife and I marveled at the champagne-like pink liquid that spilled into the glass, but were quickly overtaken by a tart, very robust fruit smell that lingered the entire, um, session. Very carbonated, and with a most un-beer-link tingling sensation on the tongue & back of the mouth. That said, it probably would have benefited from an even more over-the-top dose of fruit, or perhaps some hopping to counteract the fizz. Its effervescence and lightness was a nice diversion, and that’s about what I’d leave it: a diversion, one I recommend you give a try to if you get the opportunity. 7/10.

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