Wednesday, May 23, 2007


My best Texas beer drinking memory involves me bellying up at a tavern in downtown Austin in 1993 and, attempting to be cool and at one with the locals, ordering a LONE STAR in my “California drawl”. The bartender wordlessly pointed to a giant sign near the door I’d just walked in through, saying, in no uncertain terms, “NO LONE STAR”. Just as well, that beer blows anyway, right? Later that evening I discovered SHINER BOCK, which I loved. Am I right in saying those are probably the only two “Texas” beers that commoners like me typically recognize? I think so.

Maybe in better times non-Texans will start cottoning to the FULL MOON RYE PALE ALE from a newbie brewery based out of Blanco, TX called REAL ALE BREWING. I got one in the mail from a great American named KG, and KG told me that everything he’s tried from the Real Ale folks makes him proud to be a Texan. For one night, I was proud too. Here’s how the brewery describes it:

Tawny red and full of malt and hops, Full Moon’s unique flavor quells your palate’s longing for something truly distinctive. Marrying the smooth sweetness of malted rye and barley, the ale’s rich body is complemented by ample helpings of American hops. The culmination of our efforts is an assertive American pale ale, a hop lovers dream.

Interesting, that. My “tasting notes” do not include the word “hops”. Instead, I thought the Full Moon Rye Pale Ale was quite a sweet beer, with robust malts and yes, a very distinct rye taste. Probably not as intense in that regard as the two other rye beers I’ve had recently – FOUNDERS RED’S RYE and TERRAPIN RYE PALE ALE, and really a different beast altogether, I reckon. I did find it very smooth and very refreshing, with a decided zing that was, in fact, unique. I dug it, and gave it a 7/10, and thankfully KG sent me another REAL ALE ale, so keep your eyes peeled for HBJ’s take on that one soon.


Anonymous said...

Newbie brewery?! Real Ale is celebrating their 11th anniversary next month...

Kyle said...

Hey Mr. Anonymous, Don't blame Jay for that, I might have told him they were a newbie and I am the KG in question. I hadn't seen their offerings in my neck of the woods (Houston) until this year. Anyhow, great review and I will be enjoying this one for quite some time as Rudyards pub is carrying it on tap as of late.