Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Of course everyone keeps a list of their Top 25 beers handy at all times, so here’s mine. It’s an updated revision to one I wrote up a few months ago, reflecting some new discoveries and some ratings changes for beers on the list that we’ve tried again (and again). With all modesty, I submit to you that if you can find a way to down any of the beers on this tabulation, you will indeed find yourself in a special place.

One caveat, though – it might be a little biased toward the beers I find & drink regularly from my home base in Northern California. No wait – it’s totally biased; 18 beers are from California, or 72% – but then again, who’s to say these really aren’t the finest beers on the planet, and I’m just a lucky fella?

1. MOYLAN’S – Hopsickle (Double IPA)
2. ANDERSON VALLEY – Boont Amber (American Amber/Red Ale)
3. BRASSERIE DE ROCHEFORT – Trappistes Rochefort 8 (Belgian Strong Dark Ale)
4. THREE FLOYDS - Alpha King (American Pale Ale)
5. AVERY BREWING – The Reverend (Quadrupel)
6. MOONLIGHT – Reality Czeck (Czech Pilsner)
8. MOONLIGHT – 2006 Toast Malt Liquor (American Amber/Red Lager)
9. HACKER-PSCHORR – Dunkel Weiss (Dunkel Weizen)
10. RUSSIAN RIVER – Damnation (Belgian-Style Strong Golden Ale)
11. MARIN BREWING - Tripel Dipsea (Tripel)
13. LANGUNITAS – Freak Out! (IPA)
14. RUSSIAN RIVER – Rejection (Belgian Black Ale)
15. FIRESTONE WALKER – 10 (Barleywine)
16. DRAKE’S – Denogginizer (Double IPA)
17. DESCHUTES – 2006 Jubel Ale (Winter Warmer)
18. LOST ABBEY – Avant Garde (Biere De Garde)
19. NORTH COAST – Old Stock 2004 (Old Ale)
20. PORT BREWING – Hop Suey (Double IPA)
21. RUSSIAN RIVER - O.V.L. Stout (American Stout)
22. ROGUE – Imperial Stout (Imperial Stout)
23. BOULDER BEER – Hazed & Infused (American Pale Ale)
24. LOST ABBEY – Angel’s Share (Barleywine)
25. 21ST AMENDMENT - North Star Red (American Amber/Red Ale)


Rick Sellers said...

Good list there - Hopsickle is simply a wonderful beer. A little surprised Pliny isn't here, but taste is taste. Dang man, this list makes me thirsty.

David James said...

I'm impressed to see Stone's ranked up there at number 3. A really good choice and not too strong that it can't qualify as a "responsible" session beer (ie. having a few talking over the fence with the neighbor after a hot afternoon's lawnmowing). That's the one that stood out for me on your list. High quality, flavor, consistency and not too overboard on the alcohol. A great beer to make just about anytime great!