Tuesday, September 19, 2006


There are an amazing & exploding number of craft beer-related sites and blogs and now even podcasts, many of which are even worth checking out ocassionally. There's this site aptly called THE BREW SITE that has an extensive and fairly up-to-date collection of links that I recommend you go to and bookmark. Many of the blogs listed there have stopped writing - possibly twelve-steppers? - but there's enough to keep you busy for days & get your must-try list growing.

One particularly noteworthy site I recently found is THE BEER TOURIST, published out of Norway. This guy Tore is just what he says he is - a frequent traveler across Scandanavia and mainland Europe in search of great beer - and he writes about it exceptionally well. He's killing me with these descriptions of beers that I shall never know, while also opening my eyes to the fact that the craft beer revolution has moved far beyond North America, into parts of Europe (i.e. Scandanavia) not previously well-known for their complex or interesting beers. Take a gander & let him know what you think.

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