Monday, September 25, 2006


I’ve been in close quarters with some serious, over-the-top drinkers in my day, but only once have I seen someone exhibit true symptoms of “delirium tremens”, an acute alcohol withdrawal symptom that can range anywhere from shaky hands to physical & internal changes that are far more dangerous and debilitating. This particular person was a rock-n-roller fresh off a tour, and in trying to get some semblance of real-world normalcy back in play, his body was having a hard time keeping up with the lack of expected road ravages and the all-night, multi-beer drinking sessions. It was kind of shocking, actually, watching his hands tremble over breakfast, but he took it all in stride. Maybe what he needed just to get the mojo flowing again was a bottle of this DELIRIUM TREMENS Belgian Strong Ale, a beer that I’ve noticed for years but only this week decided to buy off the shelf. It’s pretty funny, hunh – a beer named after a terrifying side-effect of extreme alcoholism! Haw haw!! That said, the beer routinely gets good reviews, and I can see why. It fills the glass with a cloudy light orange and a moderate head of foam, and right off the bat you’re hit with a strong sour taste and even stronger aftertaste. In other words – a classic Belgian ale, which I can only say as a pretender because I’m just getting to truly know Belgian ales. Delirium Tremens happened to get even more sour as it warmed, but was balanced with a really delicious touch of light hops and the ubiquitous citrus flavors endemic to such ales. I am really impressed, and having seen this on tap in New York, I can’t wait to try it that way next time I’m out there. 8.5/10, and please let’s have another.

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