Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Beer #3 in the BOSTON BEER CO./SAM ADAMS “Brewer/Patriot” box set for me was the TRADITIONAL GINGER HONEY ALE, which I liked just fine. It was a honey/lemon orange-yellow in the chalice, and it also tasted strongly of both. I’m sure it will come as no surprise that there was also a prominent taste of ginger as well, and in this context, I thought it worked well – not too overpowering, and it gave the beer a rooty bitterness that contrasted with the honey. In general it was a refreshing ale that was just bent enough to be interesting. I don’t care what the hoi polloi say, I’m a Sam Adams fan, and I like the experimentation and marketing thereof. This is a 6.5/10.

I’m still terrified of the alcohol-infused root beer, which is sitting in the fridge waiting to torment me, but once it’s done I’ll have quaffed the set.


Tripeler said...

Terrifying alcoholic root beer indeed!
Years ago when I made root beer here in Japan (because it was just not available) a warm snap in winter caused the root beer to continue fermenting beyond the small amount of fermenting normally done to carbonate the beverage.
I wound up with bottles exploding, and the ones that didn't gave forth a beverage of around 6% alcohol and of indiscribably bad flavor.
Be afraid, be very afraid.

However, if Samuel Adams makes it, I want to try it. Whatever people say about Samuel Adams beer or Jim Koch or the comically misguided name Cranberry Lambic, the beers are generally better than all the others on the shelf. This means a lot when you are in, say, Idaho.

Now, if Koch decided to produce an alt, would he name it Kocher Alt? I certainly hope so.

Anonymous said...

The root beer is the worst beer I have ever had. I'd drink a case of Bud Dry Ice before I'd touch that crap again.