Friday, August 07, 2009


I understand that a bottle of this dark, strong Belgian ale typically comes wrapped up in some fancy paper, likely to justify a $3-4 markup that would otherwise not be charged. Good thing that the beer, which I enjoyed on "draught" at the Brick Store Pub in Decatur, GA, may very well justify the extra coin. I've only ever had one other beer from DE RANKE before, and it was an Xmas ale that I found very soapy called PERE NOEL. You can read my scintillating review of that one here.

NOIR DE DOTTIGNIES is crisp and spciy, pouring a rich dark brown and giving off an herbal smell. Hops are about medium, I'd say. Creamy, dark malts, and a little bit of dark fruit - nothing too overwhelming, but it's a solid Belgian ale through and through. If I had a complaint to throw out there - I always try to find at least one - it's that it's a little chalky in the aftertaste. Wish I could entertain you a little more with this review but we're gonna have to close it out with a consumer guide-like 7/10.

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