Monday, August 17, 2009


It’s rare that you head into a chain brewpub for dinner & a beer and walk out having tried a house specialty that instantly vaults into your all-time top 40 beers – isn’t it? Folks, that’s what happened a couple weeks back in Atlanta to me. I’d just finished my work endeavors, which (seriously) consisted of attending the San Francisco Giants/Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field. This, you may recall, was the day Barry Zito put an end to the Giants’ losing streak by finally stopping Atlanta’s murderer’s row lineup, thank god. Mark Burhle also threw a perfect game that afternoon for the Chicago White Sox. Remember that day? Well, as you were probably still at work yourself, I was heading over to 5 SEASONS BREWING in Atlanta’s “Westside” neighborhood for a quick dinner on my way to the airport and a trip back home. Not only was my food fantastic (this place has the food of a white-tablecloth restaurant while retaining the ambiance of your typical exposed-pipe, high-ceilinged brewpub), but I drank the aforementioned beer. Twice, in fact.

It’s called VENUS BELGIAN WIT, and it looks like it’s brewed on the premises, only at this particular location. It may be the best witbier I’ve ever had, and the quintessential summer beer. 5 SEASONS VENUS pours a cloudy orange, and somehow packs and incredible amount flavor into a fairly simple beer. Lightly spicy, but then there’s this great lingering lemon, wheat and orange zest kick to it that’s just an incredible combination of flavors. Sweet, sure. Your girlfriend’s gonna love it. You are too – it’s this unique, softly carbonated wheat/wit beer that’s on top of my witbier world right about now. I drank up to the legal limit and got going on my journeys, with a vow to return if and only if this is still on tap. 9.5/10.

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