Tuesday, August 25, 2009


OK, here I am in the friggin' Las Vegas airport on the way to another trip to Atlanta, and I want to tell you about a great Belgian saison I had a few weeks back. I have 5 minutes until boarding, so I need to write this thing and scare up a photo from the Interweb before that time. It's from an until-now unknown-to-me Belgian brewer called BRASSERIE LEFEBVRE; the beer itself is called SAISON 1900, and comes in your basic twelve-ounce bottle. I liberated it from the shelves of Ledger's Liquors in Berkeley, just because I wanted to play a little Belgian roulette to see if it'd pay off.

SAISON 1900 pours cloudy and orange. Strong lemon taste off the bat, along with rich, spicy yeasts. I swear this tastes like a tripel. Dense, and not thin-bodied. Quite hoppy, too; tastes of that fruity verbana soap my wife buys (though I've never ingested that despite very much wanting to). Very floral and lemony in both taste and smell. Excellent beer! I did not empty the chamber into my temple during this round of Belgian roulette. Score. 8/10.

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