Wednesday, July 22, 2009


AVERY BREWING are no stranger to the big-bigger-biggest beer shell game, and lately they've been making some beers that seriously up the bar. Take THE BEAST, for instance. I took one the other night and delicately sipped it until it was all gone. AVERY THE BEAST is a "grand cru", and get this, it clocks in at 16.31% alcohol. (I love how it's down to two decimal places - no sense in calling it 16.3% if it's actually more, right?). That would make this the second-highest ABV beer I've ever tasted, right after the fabled - and kinda tough to drink - DOGFISH HEAD 120-MINUTE IPA.

THE BEAST pours an oqaque brown/tan. It tastes sweet and hot with alcohol - it's just something you're going to have to get used to, I guess. A very bourbon-like aftertaste, and a strong caramel presence, along with bready yeast flavor. A distinct mix of fruits are in there as well - dates, plums, honey and some more than I could not bring to mind, confused as I was by the absurd alcohol content. At times it's like drinking drambuie or something like that, straight from the shot glass. A bit of a novelty - good beer, but not a real pleasant one to get through. 6/10.

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Anonymous said...

I find that these immense beers get more enjoyable with repeated tastings. At first I had a hard time with The Beast, but now I crave it. If it didn't cost $8 a bottle, I'd get it more regularly.