Sunday, July 05, 2009


Just when I thought it was high time I migrated away from high-alcohol, high-octone stouts-n-porters comes this incredible imperial stout from BELL'S BREWERY in Kalamazoo, MI. You Kalamazoo folks know all about these guys, I reckon, but those of us from California have to place orders from Archer Liquors or do an illegal beer trade to get the good word. I've been lucky enough to try three others from BELL'S the past few years. Let's roll the tape:

BELL'S OBERON - 7.5/10

I let this EXPEDITION STOUT sit in my "cellar" and then my fridge for longer than I thought I would - the advance word on this beer was that it was incredible - and wow, it sure is. I kicked myself for not cranking the top off this thing and pouring it all over my face the moment it arrived in the mail. It is just a wonderful stout, easily the best I've had since DESCHUTES' THE ABYSS. A huge dose of cocoa and Mexican bittersweet chocolate greets you from the word go, and that silky, velvet-smooth feel that only the best stouts & porters ever achieve. A deep, dark, but totally non-astringent roasted taste is all over this thing, and I'm telling you, you're gonna rush out to buy/order/sell a nut for another one. I got this and SOUTHERN TIER GEMINI from my Archer Liquors order way back in March, and now they've all (finally) been ingested. The fact that a few mouse clicks will have a few more of these out to me - and to you - in mere days is pretty incredible, yeah? 9.5/10.


Jez said...

Have you had the Dark Lord yet? Let me know.

Jay said...

Jez, no I haven't. Do you have some??!!???

Jez said...

Yessir, yessir, I have 4 bottles of 2009, and 2 of 2007. I won't trade any of the 2007, but I would be willing to trade a '09 for something out your way. Whadayasay?

Jez said...

If you know the inhumaneatingmachine, you might find it easier to contact him, otherwise, see if you can contact me through one of my blogs, because, honestly, I probably check Hedonist Beer Jive about once per month.