Thursday, August 09, 2007


High score on Beer Advocate notwithstanding, this PALE ALE from Pennsylvania's TROEGS BREWING fell fairly wide of the mark in my book. It was one of several east coast beers that HBJ patron and friend CS had in his cooler the other evening, and he sent me home with this one for safe keeping and eventual reviewing. So here we are. TROEGS PALE ALE pours of golden/copper and looks good. Alas, it is a fairly watery blend of bittering agents, with a grassy, sort of caramel-ish taste. I kept drinking, and the overwhelming vocabulary words that kept coming to mind were "thin" and "watery". And that's no good. I'd reckon you're better off with a run-of-the-mill SIERRA NEVADA or SAM ADAMS. 5.5/10.

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Anonymous said...

Before you give up on Troegs, make sure to try the Nugget Nectar. It's quite tasty.