Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I'm in no way an expert on the Scotch Ale or "wee heavy" (did someone totally make that name up?) style of alcoholic beverage, but I do know that if most of them taste anything near as good as FOUNDERS BREWING's DIRTY BASTARD ALE, then line 'em up, barkeep. Last time we checked in with the good folks from Grand Rapids, MI's FOUNDERS, we were waxing rhapsodic about their massive DEVIL DANCER triple IPA and their outstanding rye beer RED'S RYE. I think I've found one that even tops those whoppers.

DIRTY BASTARD ALE - wow. Dark, malty taste of cranberries and even a smokiness that's hidden in the finish/aftertaste. Smooth and almost creamy. The beer itself is a deep, deep reddish brown, which I expected, but the heavy tastes and complexity of this beer were a mild surprise. In short, my experiences with Scotch ale thusfar led me to believe that it was a "minor" style, one the Scots could keep, but I'm all over this stuff now. Alas, FOUNDERS don't distribute in California, so if you're out here/there, you're gonna need to bug LAGERHEADS or KEVBREWS to send you some. They just might. 8.5/10!

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