Friday, August 10, 2007


A little over a year ago the thought that I'd be able to drink a single DOGFISH HEAD beer, let alone a half-dozen different ones, was unfathomable short of a trip to the east coast or one of their other US distribution areas. Their (often self-generated) hype was so great, and their elixirs so well-reviewed, that I was ecstatic when I found some of their wares in Seattle last year. Now, thanks to a couple of outstanding Americans who've sent me their beers (and a couple East Coast trips myself last year), I've enjoyed not one but 6 different Dogfish Heads. The latest, and perhaps the best, is this seasonal BURTON BATON concoction that they're calling a Double IPA. It's a total ringer. It's sweet, almost like a Barleywine, and I'd actually put this barrel-aged beer closer to that category due to the marked reduction in hop taste compared to even a single IPA. That sweetness was undoubtedly partially due to the 10% ABV, and took on a real candied, vanilla taste that improved and deepened as the beer warmed. It also is quite spicy, with real tangy, almost holiday beer-eque notes to it. Excellent stuff. I'd buy it again if their oft-rumored Northern California distribution deal ever comes to fruition. Ladies and gentlemen, BURTON BATON = 8.5/10!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice review. I was interested to hear your take on this one as it's so distinct. I thought it would suck when I got it, but was surprised how much I enjoyed it. A real good one when you just want one beer, I think.