Wednesday, August 08, 2007


If you haven't read the MONDAY NIGHT BREWERY site, a chronicle of three gentlemen's epic quest to open their own brewery, you probably should. Those same gentlemen, having read a post of mine about a particular beer from the Southern USA, decided to send me another. A caveat was included - "this isn't the best beer from the South, it's just a beer from the South" - and more were promised in future shipments (!). Hot dog. Well fellas, thanks very much for sending me this YAZOO BREWING PALE ALE, from Nashville, TN. I found it to be a perfectly quaffable pale ale, very standard for its style, albeit a little more thin-bodied and less floral than I'd like. It was quite grainy, if you can picture that, with very little in the way of hoppiness, but in the end would make for a halfway decent quencher at the end of a hard day - which was exactly when I had one. It's funny, ever since I had that THREE FLOYDS ALPHA KING pale ale a few months ago I'm having a hard time with pale ales that followed it; nothing even comes close! I'll go with 6/10 on this one, and thanks again to MNB for the sample.

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Jonathan said...

I'm glad you found it drinkable! I wasn't sure what a few days with a UPS truck would do to it... Still planning your next shipment.