Friday, June 08, 2007


You know, there are other beer sites out there beside HEDONIST BEER JIVE. I’m just letting you know. Here are three relative newbies that we enjoy boning up on before hitting the stores and the fridge every night:

PACIFIC BREW NEWS BLOG – Of course you already know about PACIFIC BREW NEWS, the only beer-related podcast I’ll step up and say is worth listening to every time (though I do like CRAFT BEER RADIO and BEER SCHOOL as well – just wish the latter could get their show to the 45-60 minute mark instead of the three-hour ordeals they’re prone to putting up). Now comes a blog from the PBN crew, primarily staffed by Rick Sellers, who you may recall we interviewed here. Great knowledge of beer & beer style, not exclusively focused on the west coast. (like HBJ, they’ll drink what’s put in front of them no matter where it’s from if it looks and sounds interesting enough).

HAIR OF THE DOG DAVE – Not to be confused with Hair of the Dog brewing, this eye-pleasing site emanates from Los Angeles. It’s well-written, is updated frequently, and likes to crack wise about beers that aren’t up to snuff. My kind of fella. Full of great information and a must-read.

MY BEER PIX – This is a product of two San Diegans, “Beer Molly” and “The Beer Sage”. I thought the site was called Beer Molly for a while. There may have been a time in my life where I had a similar sobriquet applied to me behind my back, but right now only my wife & son know enough about me to call me Beer Jay/Beer Daddy. Not quite sure why it’s called MY BEER PIX, because it’s most certainly a blog, but this wife-and-husband team write very well and are livin’ large in the thick of one of the country’s finest beer “scenes”. Rather than review individual beers, they comment more on beer culture and places, without too much reliance on re-posting unfunny, syndicated stories they swiped off the web (the downfall of many other beer blogs, the ones HBJ tries not to link to).


Rick Sellers said...

Jay - You worry me man. First you didn't like Liberty at all (the Anchor flavor), now you're saying you read that crap on Pacific Brew News? Whoa. Slipping man.

Seriously - thanks for the plug, the kind words and for paying attention to the world of beer. You've got a great thing going here and have, on more than one occasion, influenced my beer-buying habits. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Hey... why haven't we met? Wanna meet up at Russian River on Saturday? Doing an extensive wine country brewers weekend, be fun to share a pint.

- Rick

Molly said...

Hi Jay!

Thanks for reading our blog. A little back story on why it’s called MyBeerPix. I got a new cell phone last year with a camera on it. It was the first I had that could send text and photos. Being the beer lover I am, I would take pix of my beer and text it to all my friends. (Ok, a LOT of pix) After a couple of months my friends started replying “Wow anther beer picture -- just what I needed.“ I got the hint and started blog where I could send my photos from my phone along with a small description of my beers. (If you go back and read the 1st few entries you can see how it all started.) Eventually it morphed out from there into an "out and about" beer blog, which was a lot more fun. (We are lucky to be around so many great breweries here in San Diego.)

If you ever get down San Diego way, make sure to look us up. I'd love to buy you a pint... or six (always seems to go that way).


Beer Molly

Dave said...

A must-read? Aww, Jay, I'm blushing. It's an honor to grace the hallowed pages of Hedonist Beer Jive alongside the likes of PBN and Beer Pix.