Thursday, June 28, 2007


Just a couple of quick links today – first, there was an informative article on microbreweries in the Santa Barbara, CA area a couple weeks ago in the LA Times. I’m headed down there in two months so you know that’s going in my hip pocket; and what a fine area to quaff a west coast IPA in, right? I spent many an evening there in college enjoying swill like Miller Genuine Draft, Brew 102, Stroh’s and Blatz. I’m well due for an upgrade 20 years later. Also, the completely ignored ELDOS BREWERY in San Francisco has closed; I didn’t know it was even possible for a brewer to keep as low of a profile as these guys did. Well the space, in the Inner Sunset district, is being reborn next week as WUNDER BREWING (and restaurant), a name that harkens back to an olde-tyme local brewery. The pale ale is done. I’m going there. Are you?

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mumbly said...

First, I think the name Wunder Brewing is horrible.

Second, that location is cursed. Before Eldo's, there was Golden Gate Park Brewing. I don't have much hope for Wunder. The place never seemed to fit with the neighborhood.

Third, of course I'm going to go. It's a brewery. It's in SF. And one can always hope.