Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I’ll make this quick since I know most of all y’all can’t drink this draft-only San Francisco beer from 21ST AMENDMENT BREWING called BITTER AMERICAN. Great name, decent enough follow-through. This English-style bitter is for drinking “sessions”, low enough in alcohol (3.6%) that a full pint was pretty much like drinking a big glass of water in terms of “effect”. That said, it has a good malt backbone and slightly more hops than you’d expect serving as the bittering agent. It is, of course, a amber/brown, low-carbonation, very drinkable ale. My chief purpose in drinking it was to complete the 21st Amendment’s beer lineup, as well as to have a nice refresher over lunch. Good enough – but get that NORTH STAR RED or DOUBLE STAR IMPERIAL RED instead if you get the chance. 6.5/10.

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