Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I found my new favorite pilsner – a beer style I normally shy from - in a most unusual way this past weekend. My parents bought some GORDON BIERSCH PILSNER in honor of my birthday, and since I typically expect Corona or Moosehead at their place, I was already pleasantly surprised that they’d gone the macro-micro route for me. But that was nothing compared how agog I am at how good this one is. I mean, GORDON BIERSCH BREWING is one of those operations that you just don’t think about very often; their beers are sort of the default “microbrew” option at every chain grocery store in Northern California (along with SIERRA NEVADA, FULL SAIL and PYRAMID), and their restaurants are these pseudo-upscale yuppie haunts that are pleasant enough but just not a place I think about when contemplating my next beer. But man, they make a fine pilsner. This one, rather than being exceedingly “light” and “crisp”, actually is full-bodied like an ale and full of rich flavor. It’s the sort of beer – unlike the disappointing TRUMER PILS – that you can sit savor while drinking, rather than slamming through it in an effort to get to the next one. I admit a great deal of surprise at this revelation, but there it is. 7.5/10. Anyone know if there are any other Gordon Biersch beers worth knowing about?


Socialretard said...

The Marzen is decent.

mnavarre said...

I'll second the Marzen. They also brew some beers for Trader Joe's, but the only one I've tried is the Oktoberfest, which is pretty good. Especially for $4.99 a six.

Mo said...

I love the Schwarzbier, which is unfortunately only available on tap at the (terrible) restaurant.

Try the Trader Joe's label - it's just repackaged GB. Their Hofbrau Bock, Vienna Lager and Bohemian Pilsner are all a steal at $4.99 a sixer and I think their seasonal Winterbock (a doppelbock) is exceptional.