Monday, October 23, 2006


I am typically partial to anything the ANDERSON VALLEY BREWING CO. rolls out – they make what just may be the greatest beer in America, BOONT AMBER, as well as a number of other fine elixirs that have kept me plump & happy for well over a decade. That’s why it hurts me to lower the boom on their BROTHER DAVID’S DOUBLE Abbey-Style Ale. This beer has exploded all over the Bay Area, enjoying terrific distribution and now has even shown up on some taps. I’ve tried to get into it, and quite honestly, I can’t stand it. It’s everything I don’t want in a Belgian-style beer – sticky, overly sweet, and full of clashing flavors that don’t add up to a pleasing whole. Let me emphasize again: sticky. That’s what you’re thinking the whole way through. Now that I’ve had it both on tap and in the wax-sealed bottle, I can render the decisive verdict – nice try, but poor execution. 4/10.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't too in to this one either - especially considering the high hopes I had. Their Brother David's Tripel is better - have you tried that? Still, nothing beats the real thing. I'm getting a little tired of trying out U.S. brewers' versions of Belgians & being repeatedly underwhelmed.


mumbly said...

I've never been terribly impressed with any of AV's Belgian style beers (the best was their fruit beer available at the brewery many moons ago, that had a subtle fruit character and a nice sourness, but they ruined that one some years back, much to my chagrin).

The Brother David (and Sister Jen...named after (and sporting a lovely image of him in a monks outfit) the owner of the Toronado and his girlfriend) have been around for a while now. I haven't actually had the bottled version. And don't see that this will change my mind.

The fact that AV renamed Belks ESB to Boont ESB makes me question who is running the show these days.