Thursday, October 02, 2008


Can’t say that I’m all that excited about the HE’BREW (SCHMALTZ BREWING) beers I’ve had the past couple years. There are a few good ones, but I get the sense that they’re aiming a bit downmarket toward becoming a “macro micro” on the order of a Sierra Nevada and such. That’s certainly not true of all their beers, granted, but I think a better strategy would be to make a killer, low-ABV amber or pale ale or IPA, and then let the wisdom of the beer dork crowd filter downward to the “early majority” – as we say in the marketing world. But what do I know. I just think this MESSIAH BOLD I had the other day is below average, and I’m gonna tell you why. This brown ale has a strange, bitter chalky aftertaste that one doesn’t really expect from an easy-sippin’ brown beer. I think I sort of got used to it as the beer, uh, “warmed” – but I ask: why should I have to?? It’s a very full-bodied, malty beer, perhaps leavened by a generous dose of hops, but in something of an off-putting manner. Not great, not boring, just nothing to speak of. So we shan’t speak of it again. 5/10.


Zak said...

Hey Jay. This is Zak from Shmaltz Brewing Company. Thanks for the review. Sorry the Messiah Bold didn't do it for you. Genesis Ale and Messiah Bold were our first two creations and hale from the time before we were marketing to the craft beer community. We've now got four 22oz selections that are a little more unique, including a pomegranate strong ale and a rye-based double IPA. You should definitely check those out when you have some time. L'Chaim!

Stefan said...

I don't get any chalky aftertaste. Maybe you had a bad batch? To me this is an almost ideal brown- full bodied and malty with a little nice lift from the hops at the end. And of course Lenny's R.I.P.A. is amazing.....thanks Schmaltzers!