Monday, January 14, 2008


All these years of being an ALASKAN AMBER fan & I’ve never tried the one beer that every beer partisan seems to be raising the flag for: ALASKAN SMOKED PORTER. The day after I had my first one, esteemed beer scribe William Brand called it his “beer of the week”, and that’s sayin’ something. This particular porter is a hearty concoction, almost unthinkable in the summer and just about perfect for January. If I’m not mistaken, it is a seasonal, meaning 2007-08 production is finished and you’d better get searching for it soon. You know in all fairness, I actually found ALASKAN SMOKED PORTER to be a thinner-bodied, most easy-sippin’ beer than I’d reckoned it would be. The beer is a black bomb, darker than the darkest man cave, yet ultimately welcoming and delicious to down. It has smoky (no surprise), roasty (no surprise) malts than figuratively dance upon the tongue and sides of yer gullet, and updates the German rauchbier style with a distinctly American dose of hops. I really enjoyed it, and am going to put a reminder in my Outlook calendar to buy a bomber of this every December. 8/10.


Rick Sellers said...

I had my first of the season this weekend. For some reason I set myself up for disappointment with this beer every year - telling myself it's not as good as I remember. Then, I try it and think how stupid I am for not trying it earlier - it's a beautiful beer. I think its overall drinkability is the most impressive thing for me - it's so easy to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Darker than the darkest man cave?